Surge Arresters and Insulators


Protection of the equipment against lightning waves arising from the fundamental issues of switching and raised in the high voltage network and has been fsharmtost because arsterha sarj of the expensive equipment, such as transformers and protection networks with malicious impulses redirect to Earth insulation damage coming to allow them..

In order to effectively live a isolated sections of high voltage insulators of furnishing that has a variety of high profile is used. Insulation coordination in the implementation of high voltage substations of fundamental issues in the high voltage industry.. Because expensive equipment vital in terms of its lack of insulation and wear suffered premature aging and eventually will damage.

تامین و خدمات حفاظت نماینده انحصاری برقگیرها و مقره های شرکت Izoelektro اسلوونی آماده تامین نیازهای صنعت برق می باشد. جهت کسب اطلاعات بیشتر به بخش زیر مراجعه فرمایید: